Recruitment Management System


           Every year Thousands of students post-graduated from Universities in different specializations, and start seeking for a job. However, searching for a job could be a time consuming process. Lack of communication between the private and public sector and educational institutions leaves the students uninformed about job and internships opportunities and the companies, organizations , government  agencies unaware of potential employees in the market. Conventional methods for searching and applying for jobs and internships, such as newspaper ads, are no longer sufficient. 

     Companies/organisations/government agencies and job seekers must find another effective, time-saving, and permanent way for communication. For many years now, the Internet had served as an excellent medium for effective communication between several parties. Using the Internet as a medium and web technology as a tool, a system that connects job providers with job seekers would be an answer to the conventional methods shortcoming.
Complete Automation of Placement Department for Colleges is needed for providing quick and precise information of all the Students and their transactions.

Entity Relationship Diagram: 

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