Palindrome in JavaScript (example 212,3443 )

Write a program to accept a no. from user and check whether Palindrome or not.

Enter A Number:

<HEAD><title>Palindrome by kbkashid</title>
<script language='JavaScript'>
 function chkpalindrome()
    var temp,rev=0
    var no=parseInt(frm.t1.value)
       alert(temp +" Is Palindrome")
     alert(temp + " Is Not Palindrome")

<BODY><form name=frm>
Enter A Number:<input type=text name=t1 /><input type=button value='Is Palindrome' onclick="chkpalindrome();">


  1. Replies
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  2. is it possible to check the number is palindrome or not without code is some thing like this

  3. try no = no.split('').reverse().join();
    if true than it is palidrome


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