How to save image to database in PHP

How to upload files(Images / Documents/) to Web pages in PHP ?

This tutorial will show you how to save image to a MySQL database using PHP.

To save an image into database, you need to define a table column as BLOB data type in MySQL
MySQL Query:

Create Database Mydb;
use Mydb;
create table images(sno integer auto_increment primary key,
imgname varchar(20) not null,
thumnail BLOB);


<html><head><title>Storing Uploaded image to Database</title></head>
 <body><form action="uploadimage.php" method="post" enctype="multipart/form-data">
<p>Select Image file<input type=file name="f1" />
<p><input type=submit value="Upload" />


     echo $_FILES['f1']['name'].' File Uploaded successfuly';     
      echo $_FILES['f1']['name'].' File Not Uploaded. Try again';

    $query="Insert into images(imgname,thumnail) values('".$name."','".$fdata."')";

        echo "<h3>Thanks! Image saved to Database</h3>";
        echo "<h3>Error! Try again</h3>";
 catch(Exception $e)
   echo 'OOPS!'.$e->getMessage();


Coming Soon:
How to read an image from a database using PHP and display it in a Web page?


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  2. i want how to read an images from database using php plz update
    the code


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